Whole-Person Wellness for Healthy Aging

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Whole-Person Wellness for Healthy Aging

Posted: August 23, 2021

Whole-person wellness is a concept that promotes healthy aging by addressing all aspects of a person as they age. According to the National Wellness Institute, mindfully focusing on wellness builds resilience and enables older adults to thrive through life’s challenges. Staying physically, mentally, and socially active leads to a better overall quality of life. Holly Creek Senior Retirement Community supports healthy aging through a culture of whole-person wellness that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit.

Mind Your Brain

The intellectual dimension of whole-person wellness recognizes the personal satisfaction older adults experience when they learn new skills or share their knowledge with others. Age-related changes in the brain are inevitable but participating in intellectually stimulating activities can improve cognitive function.

Reading is a simple way to nurture your mind. Challenge yourself to read both fiction and non-fiction. Joining a book club is a great way to meet new people and gain new perspectives. Most local libraries offer opportunities to join a book club or you can start one of your own. There are also a variety of online book clubs that bring people together from all over the world – a great way to learn about other cultures.

Activities that encourage creative expression like visiting a museum or pursuing a new hobby can also help sharpen your mind. Take a class at a local arts center or community college or ask a friend to teach you what they know. If you have a skill to share, consider volunteering your time at a school or a community center. Keeping your brain active by using new technology or staying up to date with current news and events can keep your synapses firing and positively impact your brain function.

Holly Creek offers built-in life-enriching activities, clubs, and educational opportunities for personal growth and fulfillment and an abundance of services and amenities that stimulate the mind, body, and spirit.

Move Your Body

The physical dimension of whole-person wellness focuses on physical activity and nutrition. Exercise strengthens muscles, increases energy, and improves mental health. Walking is a great form of exercise for older adults and can strengthen muscles, help prevent weight gain and lower the risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. A bonus of living at Holly Creek is its close proximity to the Highline Canal, a 71-mile-long trail system that many residents use for daily strolls and bike rides.

Strength training can help you maintain bone density, improve balance, mobility, and coordination. If the thought of exercise sounds dull or hard, find a friend who will join you or join a group exercise class. Think out of the box when it comes to getting into shape – tai chi, dancing, swimming, gardening, even bowling can bring an element of fun to fitness. Talk to your doctor before starting a new exercise routine and take it slow in the beginning. Learn about exercises that can improve balance and flexibility.

Meaningful Spiritual Engagement

The spiritual dimension of whole-person wellness recognizes the importance of finding meaning and purpose in life. Spirituality is more than attending weekly worship services or bible studies. It’s about engaging with the world around you, having thoughtful conversations, and giving back to the community. Taking time to pray or meditate, journal about life’s biggest questions, practicing forgiveness and gratitude can give you a sense of purpose and of being a part of something bigger than yourself.

Holly Creek is proud to be a part of Christian Living Communities whose mission is to enrich “the quality and dignity of life for older adults through services and care that reflect Christian love, respect, and compassion toward each individual.” We take seriously our mission to reflect these values to everyone regardless of what they believe. Learn more about spirituality and successful aging.

Healthy Aging at Holly Creek

At Holly Creek, we take a whole-person approach to successful aging through our Rhythms Life Enrichment program which is based on four cornerstones of healthy aging: Social, Intellectual, Inspirational and Physical, and attempts to meet each person’s passions while challenging them to grow, learn, and contribute to the enrichment of others.

Our inclusive community features a wide array of amenities including a movie theater, our own radio station, art gallery, and spa/beauty salon. With three restaurants offering elevated dining experiences, a technology center, and a library, every resident has an opportunity to contribute to the colorful tapestry of life in our retirement community.

At Holly Creek, we are dedicated to improving the quality of life for older adults. We’re always here to answer your questions about our vibrant senior living community and help you find the lifestyle you want. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a live, virtual tour.

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